Technology, Design, Doing

Clay Graham is a software architect, designer of virtual and real things, artist, and lifelong maker. He is self motivated, passionate and driven towards seeing possibilities become realities. Doing is essential to Clay's ethos, to him it is what differentiates those who make a difference in the world from those who dream.

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Actions speak louder than words.

It is important for me to lead by doing. You can't really make something happen unless you are willing to understand it authentically, capable of going beyond the surface and into the intimate. Only by comprehending the truth in the details can something be transformed from an idea into a reality.


Location and Search

Categorizing and indexing data correctly can bring information forward faster.

Message Driven

Asynchronous, responsive software scales better and creates better outcomes for users.

Big Data

When problems are large we break them down so many hands can make the work lighter.

Cloud DevOps

Empower the people who wrote the software to help it to have a healthy life.



If you are trying to figure out if my words match my deeds, some of this may help you. If you don't care about me and came here for another reason, then I hope this helps you anyway.